Meet Callie,
a countdown bot for Slack. Callie, the calendar dog

Callie the Calendar Corgi keeps track of events, deadlines, and more for your team with a few simple commands. Arf!

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UPDATES: Callie was last updated on April 10th, 2017.

  • Some countdowns saved with bad data were unreachable via slack commands. Those are fixed and working now.
  • Scheduled reminders will also now delete events if they happened already or happen on the day of the reminder.
  • Error messages are more verbose. Especially if you try saving a countdown with brackets.

This is a one-man side project, so I appreciate the folks who have reached out via email to let me know when they've encountered any issues or bugs. Please continue to do so, and I'll work to keep Callie as consistent and reliable as possible.

Keep It Simple

Just a few commands gives Callie all she needs to keep you and your team informed of upcoming events, trips, or deadlines.

Automated Reminders

Let Callie give you weekly or daily updates on the countdown, and update your settings whenever you like.

It's a Cute Dog

That's what we're all here for, really. A cute dog that knows when your stuff is coming up. Right?

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